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Charles B. Templeton, father of Brad Templeton lived from 1915 to 2001 and had one of the most storied careers of any Canadian in the 20th century. From poor beginnings, he zoomed through a dozen different occupations, rising to the top of most, and then abandoning it for the next.

Those careers included:

  1. Newspaper sports cartoonist (Globe and Mail)
  2. Leading evangelist, early TV evangelist and founder of Youth for Christ International.
  3. TV newsman. (CBC)
  4. Actor. (CBC)
  5. Managing Editor of the Toronto Star newspaper.
  6. Candidate for leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario.
  7. Head of news for CTV Network and show creator.
  8. Editor of Maclean's Newsmagazine
  9. Animated sign company executive. (Technamation)
  10. Radio Newscaster (CKEY)
  11. Co-creator and co-star of the nation's most popular syndicated radio program. (Dialogue with Charles Templeton and Pierre Berton)
  12. Bestselling author of non-fiction and six novels, with one movie adaptation.
  13. Inventor and Game Designer. (Childproof caps, Teddy Warm, Tour de Force trivia game.)
  14. Game show host. (What is Truth?)
  15. Columnist. (Toronto Star, Toronto Sun)

Online Books

This page is under construction, but you can get a taste of his life story at his Obituary Page. And a full helping from the online version of his 1982 book An Anecdotal Memoir.

Also available on this site is the full online text of Jesus, his synopsys and paraphrase of the 4 books of the New Testament.

Over time, some of his other books may appear.

(These books still need some proofing and copy-editing.)


Here is an OCR'd article from a 1953 issue of American Magazine entitled Religion's Super Salesman.

A brief Time Magazine article about him assuming editorship of the Star.

Here is a photo collection of the Youth for Christ International founding mission.