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Voices To the Playa

Voices To the Playa As described, the phone had a number, which was advertised on the phone and the Burning Man message board. The number had a voice mail. The voice mail told people that they could leave a message describing the person they wanted to reach and how to find them, along with a non-monetary bribe. However it warned that messages could be picked up by anybody with no assurances.

With all the chaos in getting things working, the voice mail was not attended to. People did call it, and left a series of amazing messages. Some funny, some sad (that they didn't get through) and some poignant. Almost all are heartwarming, and provide a welcome taste of the emotions of life on the Playa. It's surprising what you'll feel as you listen.

Here's a chance to listen to them. I think they're all fun, but the best are bold, and the near-best are in italics below.

Commentary on this page can be left at my blog entry for it

You might also enjoy listening to them as one continuous stream, without text warning you about what they will say. In this case here is an MP3 of all 26 minutes of messages -- 5.5mb.

About the 4 playing formats (WAV is your best choice.)

  • [WAV] is the original file, in uLaw wav, which is a special form of wav for phone calls. These are actually smaller than the MP3s, but some systems may have trouble playing with them. They are your first choice. You may need to disable the Windows Media Toolbar that tries to play wav files inside the browser, and go to Media Player.
  • [Ogg] is Ogg Vorbis format, a free, better MP3 style codec. These are good quality, and smaller than the WAV files. If you don't have a Vorbis player or plugin, go to the Vorbis web site
  • [MP3] does not handle uLaw wav phone calls well, so these are larger and poorer quality than the [Wav] links. Use only if nothing else works.
  • Speex is a new free codec designed for phone speech. The files are half the size and good quality. Speex players and codecs can be found at The Speex Website. Then download this zip file of speex encodings. Best if you are on dial-up or can't get WAV to work.

Since these messages were all left for anybody random to hear, I don't think there is an expectation of privacy on them, but nonetheless if your voice is here and you don't want it here, let me know. (btm at templetons.com)

Note, [Wav] links should be your first choice.

  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Find other cajuns
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Gary (Gaz) at BRC P.O. -- a big kiss, you will be rewarded with love
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Suzy for Camp Necronomicon, tell them she loves and misses you, all of them will dance for you
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For the muppets, Ninja are coming!
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Erin @ Voodoo, tell them to email
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Dina wants Neo & Woo, says hey (long silence)
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] A hug for Bob from an angel
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Lynton H. at Monkey Camp, a great hug for you if you tell him his wife and 2 year old love you.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Rob H. wants Donny H. (looks like Santa), call your daughter or son ASAP
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Visit ubercarney, Mom loves you!
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Find Green Military Tent, stick head in window, yell Mike loves you, run away!
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Scott in Ft. Lauderdale. Wish I was there. Hurricanes coming this way. Tell the Florida folks at the 'Glom I'll put the shutters on.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Hepspace is playing, I'm missing it. Tell Ethan that Annabel is coming tonight
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Ranger Naphoon, 7 and venus or bluehouse, your girlfriend says hi...
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] More kisses for Gaz, he'll get your mail on. He's cute, lean...
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Megan B at Camp Lush, call Brendon, would be awesome
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] I'm home sick
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Clif Cox, Steve returned your call
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For Wayne @ First Camp, get an hour footrub, Christie is coming for her shower, motherfucker.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Allie P for Jay P. at 92.5 radio, waiting for your call
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Wonderboy in Branes area, harness the love force and we're all golden
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Joe calling Brian @ AEZ, Green Subaru coming
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Halcyon Stein, Karen says hi
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For Karen B. Green Tortoise, see you next week, it's your friends at the Times.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Another message for Karen B. from the Times. Don't worry about Hurricane, we'll handle it.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Monee at Hookahdome, Brian loves you and wants to marry you
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] This is Julia calling Momma (Tisha and Lyvonne) Bye.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Follow-up for Tisha S. in volunteer
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Another call from young Elizabeth for Tisha. I love you
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Laser Dave from Denver calling Nanny @ Costume Cult, Rowdy redhead, topless: The invisibles are thinking of you. Kiss the playa
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Jason A. Rainforest refugee. Call your wife on her cell phone, we'll make you dinner.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For Kevin @ AEZ, Camp 55, your girlfriend says not to wait but leave a note
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Cybermick & DJs, your girlfriend from italy loves ya
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For Heather O'B, Superstar Nation, I love you
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Paul, Miss Kitty, Handy Randy, Richard etc. Red Rocker says be safe
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Kave for DJ Marmot, John, Kasha, You are that Pig camp, say hello, collect a nice sweet gift from John
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For Dan S. from Elena Z. Will be at Totemcamp at 9 pm
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For Misha, from Garrison. She's on a bike in costume, tell her I love her
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] John, Annie's coming to BRC
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Garrison for Misha again, I have no idea where she is, she's hot.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Mark D. @ Embassy, from David "Harpo" C. Returning your call, we snuck into the Republican Convention and interrupted Chaney and Bush
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For Amazon, camp unknown, Peanut sends love, have a blast at burn.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For Brian F. Lustmonkeys, your brother loves you, enjoy the burn.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Mike in feather boa, glittery camp, your dog died (hopefully a joke)
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] John Young at Anonymous Camp, I'll be at the airport in the morning, Tina loves you
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For Jamie O. CCCC camp, Orangedome, Call Maria
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Don, short, tatoos, fiance from Canada loves you
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Brian F, this is your boss, don't come back to San Diego, You're fired!
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Find my blonde wife, well I haven't married her yet, somewhere! I love her
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Cute Kate from NY, Scott misses you
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Call for The Man, urgent warning, you're going to burn! Run!!!!
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] For Gray Air from Portland, Dad Ray returns your call, loves you.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] I had a call, could barely understand, my daughter Alyssa J. is there, tell her I couldn't understand.
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Ranger Playa Pixie in Portland on burn-day. My love to camp muppet-ville & Brian & all Rangers
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Shrinivas, call your mom!
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Streamers on bike
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Hello, Cosmic Swami calling for Sour Pixie or Bozcat at Otter Party, send love
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Thanks for making this phone
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Your phone sucks
  • [Wav] [OGG] [MP3] Camp Pain, call Jason, did you get out?