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Marco Polo Eclipse Cruisers

Marco Polo Eclipse Cruisers

This page is to support the mailing list for people who cruised on the Marco Polo to see the Aug 11, 1999 total solar eclipse on the Black Sea. The list is hosted by Brad Templeton.

People can subscribe to the list at topica, by either going to their site, or by sending an E-mail to

You can read the list and its archives at the List Archive Site (You don't have to subscribe to the list or have a topica account to read the list on the web site, though if you want to manage lists via topica you will want to create a free account there.)

The list mailing address is but you must join the list if you are going to participate in it.

If you took photographs from the Marco Polo, and are putting them up on the web, send an announcement with the URL to the lsit. Please don't send photos to the list at this time. If you need a place on the web to store photos, there are sites like Photopoint.

I'll put my shots up here after the eclipse (and some other travel I'm doing. I have a lot of shots of everybody on the decks watching the eclipse, too.