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Here at the sites of, namely,,, my blog and the privacy policy is as follows.

No giving out or selling data on you

I won't knowingly and willingly sell or give out data on individual users. Period. Aggregate data may be disclosed.

My web server logs hits to the pages, including IP address, referring page, page visited and date. Some logs may stay around forever, though the general desire is to delete them as they get older.


I make minimal use of cookies, but some applications I run, such as Drupal for the blog on do generate cookies to recognize users.

There are 3rd party embedded frames

I include material from advertising networks, such as Google Adsense, and These embedded pieces of code and HTML do generate cookies, as well as web hits that may record your IP address and what pages you visited. What is done with this data is governed by the privacy policy of these ad networks.

In most browsers you can do cookie management, which allows you to delete cookies and block the use of cookies with various sites and sub-sites, or block all cookies to 3rd party URLs.