A modern English blending of the New Testament

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Jesus - a blended Gospels - PROLOGUE
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Several accounts have been written about the beginnings of our faith, each being an attempt to compile an accurate record from all the facts passed on by eyewitnesses and disciples. And I - having made a thorough examination of all evidence for some time now - decided to write an orderly account of it all so that you may have before you the truth about the things you have been told.

- the introduction to the gospel according to Luke.

The gospel is addressed to "the most excellent Theophilus" who may have been a convert. The Greek word means, "loved by God."



Prologue of the Gospels


Jesus Christ is and always has been what God has to say to mankind. He is eternal and he is God. All creation exists because of him. He is life, and his life is a light to show us the way - a light that nothing can extinguish.

At a point in time, God sent a man named John to announce that the light was then coming into the world. John was not himself that light, he was the herald of its coming, so that through him everyone might believe.

Jesus came to the world, and though the world owed its existence to him, it did not recognize him. He came to his own people and they did not recognize him. He came to his own people and they did not welcome him. But to those who did - those who put their faith in him - he gave the authority to be members of God's family; not through ancestry or sexual passion or choice but because they had been adopted by God.

Jesus - God's communication - became a human being and lived briefly among us. We actually saw his glory; the splendor of the only son God ever fathered, the embodiment of all love and truth. When John announced his coming he said, "He’s the one of whom I said, 'Here’s my successor; he existed before I was born.’ ”

We are, all of us, the beneficiaries of his kindness - bounty heaped on bounty - because, although the Law came to us through Moses, love and truth came to us through Jesus Christ.

No one has ever seen God, but he has been revealed to us by his only son, who has now returned to his side.
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