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Videos of Brad Templeton's Talks

Videos of Brad Templeton's Talks

You will find a wide selection of videos of my talks, interviews and lessons online. They usually don't include the sound of the audience, which I find disappointing because my goal is always to connect and engage the audience, which is why you want a live speaker. Here is a selection.

London Presentation (Robocars) (2013)

A 23 minute presentation for Wired UK's conference. I love that British audience. Somewhat out of date.

Big Dutch Conference (Robocars)

20 Minute talk at TNW Netherlands -- big venue, international audience

Self-Driving Cars 101 for BigThink

This 10 minute video is not an on-stage presentation but a video lesson with a short introduction. I did a series of these on five topics for BigThink, which can you see me explore beyond my most popular topic of Robocars.

Berggruen Philosophy Evening

I did a salon at the prestigious Berggruen Institute. They put up a series of snippets on YouTube which provides an example of talking in a more intimate setting.

Silicon Valley Self-driving cars meeting

Most of my talks on transportation are for the general audience, but I'm able to go as deep as you want in the technology. This video, though long, with poor audio and video, is a session on the hot controversial issues in self-driving for a silicon valley group of industry participants. This is me at my least practiced (brand new talk) but still in control of the room. I particularly like getting into Questions and Answers with an informed crowd.

I don't have to go 2 hours (as you can see above) but I certainly can. I also enjoyed this Master Class I did for the 100th anniversary of the University of British Columbia (a distinct honour since I went to U of Waterloo, a rival school) which went for 80 minutes to a packed auditorium.

Singularity University

Over the years I did hundreds of talks for Singularity University in their general conferences, plus conferences on medicine, finance and manufacturing. In those talks I covered computing, networks, sensors, the online world, virtual reality, Bitcoin, privacy, computer security, the nature of intelligence, quantum computing, nanotechnology and of course self-driving cars. You can find those if you search Youtube or the site for my videos. Here is a mixed talk from the Exponential Manufacturing Conference. In this one I teach some of the lessons old-world companies need to learn to compete in the modern world -- and, as almost always, toss in some cars.


I've also done a lot of interviews, from podcasts to local shows to major network shows. Here's an episode of Dateline: NBC on self-driving cars, where I am interviewed along with Jay Leno, Sebastian Thrun, Transportation Secretary Foxx and others.