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Google Map World Heritage sites for France

Google Map World Heritage sites for France

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Main link goes to Google satellite image of area. In most places you can zoom in once, in some places all the way. Use "VR" link for virtual reality tours, "Img" for Google images. Please note, some coordinates have errors. If you find the true coordinates, comment on my blog.

Cape Girolata, Cape Porto, Scandola Nature Reserve and the Piana Calanches in Corsica
[Img] "The natue reserve, which is part of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, occupies the Scandola peninsula, an impressive, porphyritic rock mass. The vegetation is an..." [More]

Bourges Cathedral
[Img] "The Cathedral of St Etienne of Bourges, built between the late 12th and late 13th centuries, is one of the great masterpieces of Gothic art and is admired for its proportions..." [More]

Historic Centre of Avignon
[Img] "In the 14th century, this city in the South of France was the seat of the papacy. The Palais des Papes, an austere-looking fortress lavishly decorated by Simone Martini and..." [More]

Decorated Grottoes of the Vezere Valley
[Img] "The Vezere valley contains 147 prehistoric sites dating from the Palaeolithic and 25 decorated caves. It is particularly interesting from an ethnological and anthropological,..." [More]

Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay
[Img] "Perched on a rocky islet in the midst of vast sandbanks exposed to powerful tides between Normandy and Brittany stand the 'Wonder of the West', a Gothic-style..." [More]

Paris, Banks of the Seine
[Img] "From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, from the Place de la Concorde to the Grand and Petit Palais, the evolution of Paris and its history can be seen from the River Seine. The..." [More]

Roman and Romanesque Monuments of Arles
[Img] "Arles is a good example of the adaptation of an ancient city to medieval European civilization. It has some impressive Roman monuments, of which the earliest - the arena, the..." [More]

Canal du Midi
[Img] "This 360-km network of navigable waterways linking the Mediterranean and the Atlantic through 328 structures (locks, aqueducts, bridges, tunnels, etc.) is one of the most..." [More]

Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Former Abbey of Saint-Remi and Palace of Tau, Reims
[Img] "The outstanding handling of new architectural techniques in the 13th century, and the harmonious marriage of sculptural decoration with architecture, has made Notre-Dame in..." [More]

Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay
[Img] "This stark Burgundian monastery was founded by St Bernard in 1119. With its church, cloister, refectory, sleeping quarters, bakery and ironworks, it is an excellent..." [More]

Vezelay, Church and Hill
[Img] "Shortly after its foundation in the 9th century, the Benedictine abbey of Vezelay acquired the relics of St Mary Magdalene and since then it has been an important place of..." [More]

Historic Fortified City of Carcassonne
[Img] "Since the pre-Roman period, a fortified settlement has existed on the hill where Carcassonne now stands. In its present form it is an outstanding example of a medieval..." [More]

Historic Site of Lyons
[Img] "The long history of Lyons, which was founded by the Romans in the 1st century B.C. as the capital of the Three Gauls and has continued to play a major role in Europe's..." [More]

Palace and Park of Fontainebleau
[Img] "Used by the kings of France from the 12th century, the medieval royal hunting lodge of Fontainebleau, standing at the heart of a vast forest in the Ile-de-France, was..." [More]

Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans
[Img] "The Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans, near Besancon, was built by Claude-Nicolas Ledoux. Its construction, begun in 1775 during the reign of Louis XVI, was the first major..." [More]

Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion
[Img] "Viticulture was introduced to this fertile region of Aquitaine by the Romans, and intensified in the Middle Ages. The Saint-Emilion area benefited from its location on the..." [More]

Place Stanislas, Place de la Carriere and Place d'Alliance in Nancy
[Img] "Nancy, the temporary residence of a king without a kingdom - Stanislas Leszczynski, later to become Duke of Lorraine - is paradoxically the oldest and most typical example of..." [More]

The Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes
[Img] "The Loire Valley is an outstanding cultural landscape of great beauty, containing historic towns and villages, great architectural monuments (the chateaux), and cultivated..." [More]

Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France
[Img] "Santiago de Compostela was the supreme goal for countless thousands of pious pilgrims who converged there from all over Europe throughout the Middle Ages. To reach Spain..." [More]

Amiens Cathedral
[Img] "Amiens Cathedral, in the heart of Picardy, is one of the largest 'classic' Gothic churches of the 13th century. It is notable for the coherence of its plan, the..." [More]

Provins, Town of Medieval Fairs
[Img] "The fortified medieval town of Provins is situated in the former territory of the powerful Counts of Champagne. It bears witness to early developments in the organization of..." [More]

Chartres Cathedral
[Img] "Partly built starting in 1145, and then reconstructed over a 26-year period after the fire of 1194, Chartres Cathedral marks the high point of French Gothic art. The vast..." [More]

Church of Saint-Savin sur Gartempe
[Img] "Known as the 'Romanesque Sistine Chapel', the Abbey-Church of Saint-Savin contains many beautiful 11th- and 12th-century murals which are still in a remarkable..." [More]

Roman Theatre and its Surroundings and the "Triumphal Arch" of Orange
[Img] "Situated in the Rhone valley, the ancient theatre of Orange, with its 103-m-long facade, is one of the best preserved of all the great Roman theatres. Built between A.D. 10..." [More]

Palace and Park of Versailles
[Img] "The Palace of Versailles was the principal residence of the French kings from the time of Louis XIV to Louis XVI. Embellished by several generations of architects, sculptors,..." [More]

Pont du Gard Roman Aqueduct
[Img] "Built by the Romans shortly before the Christian era to allow the aqueduct of Nimes to cross the Gard..." [More]

Strasbourg - Grande Ile
[Img] "Surrounded by two arms of the River Ill, the Grande Ile (Big Island) is the historic centre of the Alsatian capital. It has an outstanding complex of monuments within a..." [More]

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