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Google Map World Heritage sites for Austria

Google Map World Heritage sites for Austria

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Main link goes to Google satellite image of area. In most places you can zoom in once, in some places all the way. Use "VR" link for virtual reality tours, "Img" for Google images. Please note, some coordinates have errors. If you find the true coordinates, comment on my blog.

Semmering Railway
[Img] "The Semmering Railway, built over 41 km of high mountains between 1848 and 1854, is one of the greatest feats of civil engineering from this pioneering phase of railway..." [More]

Historic Centre of Vienna
[Img] "Vienna developed from early Celtic and Roman settlements into a Medieval and Baroque city, the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It played an essential role as a..." [More]

Wachau Cultural Landscape
[Img] "The Wachau is a stretch of the Danube Valley between Melk and Krems, a landscape of high visual quality. It preserves in an intact and visible form many traces - in terms of..." [More]

Hallstatt-Dachstein Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape
[Img] "Human activity in the magnificent natural landscape of the Salzkammergut began in prehistoric times, with the salt deposits being exploited as early as the 2nd millennium..." [More]

Ferto/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape
[Img] "The Ferto/Neusiedler Lake area has been the meeting place of different cultures for eight millennia. This is graphically demonstrated by its varied landscape, the result of..." [More]

Palace and Gardens of Schonbrunn
[Img] "From the 18th century to 1918, Schonbrunn was the residence of the Habsburg emperors. It was designed by the architects Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and Nicolaus..." [More]

City of Graz - Historic Centre
[Img] "Graz is a particularly fine example of a central European urban complex whichexperienced many centuries of Habsburg rule. The old city is a harmonious blend of the..." [More]

Historic Centre of the City of Salzburg
[Img] "Salzburg has managed to preserve an extraordinarily rich urban fabric, developed over the period from the Middle Ages to the 19th century when it was a city-state ruled by a..." [More]

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