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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

I do keynote addresses on a variety of computing and futurist topics, mostly about the future of transportation, digital technology or the issues at the EFF.

I am now vaccinated and boosted and ready to book in-person engagements at events with vaccinated participants.

Venue in Beijing for Baidu's BIG TALK: The Forbidden City

My most popular topic today is the future of self-driving cars. Even on serious topics, my talks are hopefully funny. In the past several years I have given well over 100 keynotes on this topic in 35 countries.

My top topics and best talks are about:

  • The coming of self-driving cars and their impact on society (and many sub-topics)
    • Everything you know about Self-Driving Cars is wrong
    • Hot Robocar Issues: LIDAR, Maps, V2V, Fatalities (always changing)
    • Robocars and Real Estate
    • Robocars and Insurance
    • Robocars and Cities
    • The End and Future of Public Transit
    • Delivery, Trucking, Minimobility and Micromobility
    • Where's my Flying Car?
  • Hot computing topics: The internet's secret sauce; abundance of bandwidth; VR/AR; the reality of the "internet of things" and snippets on other topics below.
  • Bitcoin, NFTs and the future of money and art -- a pile of manure with a pony inside
  • Privacy in the future, The NSA and the Snowden disclosures
  • Copyright and the creative economy -- how people can make money from creative work in the post-scarcity world.
  • Introduction to exponential thinking and singularity ideas -- how to change your mindset for the new pace of technology
  • The lessons the computer industry can teach the world and every company about living with change
  • How high-tech saved us from Covid-19 and how it will do more if there's a next time

In addition I can cover a number of other interesting topics, including:

  • The dark side of Web 2.0/cloud computing, social networks, data portability and single sign-on.
  • Singularity topics: Nanotechnology, AI, Patternism (copyable people and AIs) or "Would you let Mr. Scott beam you up in the Transporter?"
  • Instant Messaging, Presence and Voice over IP
  • "They're coming for your computer" -- a general talk on digital freedom issues
  • Electronic publishing, e-books and science fiction publishing
  • The automation of good and evil
  • History of the internet, USENET and dot-coms

I'm asked to speak on these topics in part because of my because of my history with comedy. I usually get the audience laughing unless it's one of the scary talks. Sometimes even then.

Contact me for terms and speaking fees. Fees depend on distance and schedule elements. I regret that I do this enough that I only do a small number of free or low-fee events per year.

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Contact me for payment and travel information.