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Some press mentions of me on the web

Some press mentions of me on the web

I'm fortunate enough to get noted in the press from time to time. During the ClariNet days and the internet buble, there were a number of magazine interviews and stories. These days it happens for EFF matters. Most of these stories vanish from the web after a time, so the links to them end up dead. A Google for Brad Templeton Interview will find ones still around, and a News search for me will find major press items from the last 30 days.

You can also dig out the Nov '94 Internet World for a nice feature story on me, if you can still find it.

ClariNet used to keep a press page, but it's now gone. Below are some entires, almost all their links now dead. I stopped counting after I joined the EFF. The EFF is doing important stuff and we show up in the news somewhere almost every day.

ClariNet: Purchase headed off 'risky' IPO
ZDNN story on the purchase of ClariNet by Individual, Inc.

ZDNN (6/16/97)

NNTP on the Intranet
Brad Templeton, Publisher of ClariNews, talks about the benefits of using NNTP for delivering large volumes of information to corporate intranets.

Netscape Intranet Executive (5/14/97)

Avoid the Office Crunch--Ready, Set, Telecommute!

Toys for Titans. Brad Templeton, Publisher of ClariNews shows his favorite toys.

Upside Magazine (4/8/97)

Top IPO Candidates

Private companies projected to go public within the next 12 months.

Red Herring Magazine (April 1997)

ACM Crossroads

Newsletter interview

CEO didn't need the Force for this company outing

Only in the Silicon Valley. CEO and Publisher Brad Templeton gives employees the day off and tickets to see the opening of Star Wars.

San Jose Business Journal (2/10/97)

Commodore 64 fan
interview, a legacy from my early days in computing.

Commodore Hacking, Issue #13

Brad Templeton Biography

An interview with Brad Templeton, Publisher of ClariNews.

Boardwatch Magazine (10/96)

Playboy Copyright Article

An article from Playboy magazine about copyright that draws from my own Copyright myths file and briefly interviews me. I pretend it's my Playboy interview.

Playboy Magazine (12/97)

Protecting the Value of Your Content
Brad Templeton, Publisher of ClariNews, is interviewed on the issue of copyright protection.

WebWeek (7/22/96)

Will Gates Get The Net?
Microsoft's chairman says it is a make-or-break business for him, but the Internet's users, including ClariNetıs Publisher Brad Templeton, may resist his long reach.

Time Magazine (1/30/95)