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Brad Templeton Looking for old friends

Brad Templeton Looking for old friends

The trick here is to create a web page that names old friends you would like to reconnect with. When they search for their own name, they'll find this. If you find this that way, give me a shout. ( Or friend me on Facebook. Unless otherwise noted, the people here will have been involved with Lorne Park Secondary School, the University of Waterloo, the FASS Theatre Company, ClariNet Communications or other parts of my life.

In some cases people are listed here because there were on my E-mail list but their E-mail address now bounces. Send me a note to update your address.

Looking for Laurie Duquette from FASS 1980

Looking for Gaile Simmons from FASS

Looking for Eva Witkowsi from FASS

Looking for Claudette Gagnon from FASS

Looking for Kim Kippen from FASS

Looking for Sandky Kofalvi from FASS

Looking for Meri-Ellen McGoey from Fass

Looking for Lori Sargent from FASS

Looking for Mike O'Brien from U of Waterloo

Looking for Elizabeth Shelton (EFF helper & Deputy)

Looking for Patty Klauer from WAIS

Looking for Kate Morrison (formerly at Oracle)

Looking for Derek Wilkinson of FASS

Looking for Larry Knight from FASS

Looking for Lou Anne Dubois from FASS

Looking for Ken Lynch of FASS

Looking for Ken Jones of FASS

Looking for Eileen White of FASS

Looking for John Hardy from Whiteoaks Public School in Mississauga

Looking for Phyllis Ellis from LPSS