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Travel to Irving and 23rd

Travel to Irving and 23rd

(Useful if you're going to eat following my map of Irving/Sunset restaurants. We no longer live in the area.

19th Avenue is also Highway 1, Irving is one block south of Golden Gate Park.


The simplest method is the N-Judah streetcar line, which goes all the way from the downtown caltrain, under Market St., under Buena Vista Hill and then through Cole Valley and the inner sunset. It's about 25 minutes from Civic Center/Bart. Get off at Judah and 23rd, walk one block north to Irving. Runs frequenly. The NextBus site shows live updates of where trains are and when the next one is. It has OWL service. It will also take you outward to Ocean Beach. Be warned, Bart from East Bay plus N-Judah is probably an hour's travel time. Sigh.

Other muni lines include the 71 which stops at 22nd/23rd and Irving, and goes via Lincoln, and then Haight St. to Market, where it goes all the way to the Ferry building. (We could see the outbound 71 stop outside our former window.) Outward it goes up to Noriega, and then to the ocean.

The 28 will take you to 19th and Irving, either from the Daly City Bart in the south or Fort Mason, the Presidio and the Richmond in the north. Both the 71 and 28 run late-night and have express service at rush hour. The 29 comes all the way from Candlestick Park, past the Balboa Bart, Stonestown Mall, Lake Merced, Sunset Blvd in the outer sunset and then along Lincoln (and stops at 23rd and Lincoln, one block north of Irving) and goes through the outher Richmond and internal Presidio to the north, terminating at Letterman. Takes quite a while from the remote locations like Candlestick or BART.

If you're coming up on Caltrain, technically Caltrain connects directly to the N-Judah, but that's a very roundabout route that will take some time. I've never done it. Alternate would be xfer to Bart/Daly City and the 28 bus to Irving/19th.

Staying past 1am? We're handy to two OWL lines, the N and the 91.

You can use the travel planner and it will plot you the fastest transit trip to our door for your planned trip time.

Google Map

You can look at the Google Map, but beware -- no left turns from 19th Ave.

Drive from the South

(The only route that's not obvious.) Take 280 north (if on 101 south of Airport, take 380 to 280.) Follow 19th Ave (Highway 1) almost to Golden Gate Park. There are no left turns from most of 19th avenue, so we recommend you turn right on Kirkham (the streets are in reverse alphabetical order) and then left on 20th Ave., left on Judah and you can cross over 19th avenue and then go right on 23rd Ave. to go one block N. to Irving. (But if you see parking on 23rd not far from Irving, take it.) Irving itself is often very busy so Judah is much faster.

From 101 or 80 in San Francisco

Take 101 to new Octavia exit, then go left on Fell St. like everbody else. It will curve left at G.G. park, and become Lincoln. Follow Lincoln past 19th Avenue, and then you can turn left at 23rd Ave. For the rest of SF, find your well to Fell St. to follow this route.

From northern SF and Marin

From Golden Gate Bridge, follow signs for highway 1 south or 19th avenue. This is called Park Presidio between the Park and the Presidio. Go through park on Crossover Drive. As you come to exit the park, turn right on Lincoln, then left on 23rd just 4 blocks down.


Parking is hard during the day on Saturday and Sunday. The area is very popular with shoppers and diners. You may have to cruise streets, or look for parking along Lincoln by the park. There are various meters, and a meter lot between 20th and 21st. If you're a solo visitor (ie. not coming to a gathering) you can actually squeeze onto our paved front "yard," or we may clear the driveway for you. Your car will poke into the sidewalk, everybody does this on 23rd.