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Speaker Endorsements

Speaker Endorsements

The following event organizers who have had me speak at their events have provided these kind words:

Brad was a highlight of our 50-speaker WIRED2014 event, capturing the room with his charm, knowledge and insights as he explained the future in the most engaging and entertaining way.

David Rowan, Editor, WIRED

I can say without reservation that Brad Templeton is sure to delight and enlighten, as he did to a group of 31 Executive MBA students virtually. His unique perspective as an autonomous vehicle expert (among other topics) delivers both a deep and broad perspective that folks remember long after his presentation is done. In addition to his subject matter expertise, Brad delivers content that's engaging, interactive, and funny—he kept us laughing for 90+ minutes over Zoom, a feat unto itself! It is by no means a stretch to say that Brad was a fan favorite of students, as was reflected in their feedback.

Alex McDonald - Austral Group / University of Bath MBA

Brad's combination of charisma, wit and intelligence made him the stand-out speaker at the Think with Google events across Europe. He inspired C-level audiences from London to Rome to Amsterdam and was consisently rated the best speaker

Matt Brocklehurst, Marketing Lead, Performance Solutions, Google

We invited Brad to participate in a live Q&A with our co-founder. It was delightful, covering everything from the early days of autonomous vehicles to transportation in the COVID-19 era and beyond. The hour passed by so quickly. I wish it could have continued for another hour. Our employees enjoyed it immensely. Thank you Brad!

Calisa Cole, VP Marketing, DeepMap

Brad is a superb speaker. He is brilliant, engaging and inspirational. His lively talks combine profound knowledge with sharp wit, almost breathlessly developed from the beginning to the end in front of a fully captivated audience. He was acclaimed in the Singularity University Summit Spain, hosted in Sevilla (March, 2015), as he has been every single time I have had the fortune to listen to him.

Louis Rey Goni, Chair of SU Summit Spain; Director, Colegio de San Francisco de Paula

Brad is the consultant to the world's foremost thinkers. He delivers deeply technical and evolving trends In a consumable and light hearted way that engages, inspires and enlightens early talent to the most senior executives. Brad is my default presenter when I need to explain the future of Silicon Valley's innovations.

Scott Letherman, COO, SAP U.S. Labs.

Brad's talk was incredible and the students really loved it. They pointed out it was the best one this year with a different way of presenting content and a lively discussion. Brad's attention was remarkable and his ideas surely will resonate among our students who look forward to making a difference in the AI scenario unfolding before our eyes. We are truly thankful for the excellent discussions. We are thankful to Brad's openness to make it happen.

Prof. Dr. Anderson Rocha, Director, Institute of Computing, University of Campinas, SP - Brazil

"Brad Templeton was truly inspiring, engaging our alumni and students with his humor and incredible knowledge and insight. His talks were thought provoking, insightful and provocative, both presentations were fantastic and exceeded expectations."

Fred Lee, Director of Alumni Engagement, University of British Columbia

"We invited Brad Templeton in Denmark to speak at two high profile professional events in November 2017 (electronics trade show, conference for software developers). Brad did brilliant and amazing on both talks, covering the future of computing, digitalization and where we are headed. Effortless cruising is his game, easily spanning from deep and complex tech / tech situations to high level understanding of strategies for the future also on top of that excellent dialogue with the audiences. Brad speaks both nerdy and societal and thus gives all audience something to think about"

Rolf Ask Clausen, Senior Consultant, The Danish Engineering Society.

1) Brad Templeton was the opening keynote speaker at Next Berlin, an event that gathered over 1500 European digital media professionals and their clients for a view of the future.

His presentation on driverless cars, their evolution and their effects on the future of cities was everything you want in a keynote:

The talk was full of new insights and information, presented in a series of wonderful anecdotes and experiences, and it came from someone with authority - the fact that Brad was personally involved in the development of the driverless car made the audience feel that they are witnessing history, that they are almost present. In addition, Brad's talks are full of humor, another reason that the audience responded so strongly. He can do what only rarely happens at events: get people to switch off their phones, get involved in the moment, and come alive as an audience. I can warmly recommend him.

2) Brad Templeton was the keynote speaker of the Media Future Week, which brings 150 Dutch media students together for a week of workshops and talks.

In his talk he broached the difficult topic of privacy, surveillance and the internet, and took the students on a journey of past, present and future. He made sense of the technological developments as well as the societal consequences, and did so with energy and humour -- the students loved him.

Monique van Dusseldorp, event curator at Next Berlin and Media Future Week

On behalf of the whole NEXT team, I'd like to thank you for your great talk & contribution to NEXT Berlin. We've received so much positive feedback on your talk - it's been a pleasure to have you.

Marina Lenz, The Conference Group GmbH

Brad Templeton was an absolute favorite at our event the Singularity Summit Europe held in Budapest in November 2013. His lecture on autonomous cars and networks was not only informative but made the otherwise complex topic intriguing and easy to understand, thus his message came across very well to our divers C-level crowd. Due to the tremendous success we continue to work with Brad and happy whenever he has availability to attend at our events.

Botond Bognar - independent organizer, co-Founder of Singularity Summit Europe

The talk in 2009 at Singularity Summit (unaffiliated with Singularity University at the time) was called a crowd favorite by Forbes.