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Caller App CEO

Caller App CEO

I'm seeking a CEO for a brand-new internet/telephone startup. The startup, known for now as "Caller App," will focus on internet based control applications for the telephone.

Billions are being spent on the battle for how calls will be carried and technologies like Voice over IP, Optical Networking, Routers, Switches and more. While they will make their money back, the real battle will soon be over not commoditized carriage of bits, but over the level above that, that controls how and when phone calls are made, and incidentally controls who carries them.

Caller App is based on some new patent pending ideas and systems that can make computer and internet control of the phone a reality. The potential market is huge. In fact, of the many business ideas I've considered since selling ClariNet, my earlier internet company this one is the biggest.

I've been a CEO for 15 years, but this time I don't think that's the right role for me. I prefer to take other duties this time, in the area of CTO/Chairman/Evangelist, but I can also lighten some of the CEO's burden by doing dealmaking, capital-raising and marketing, pending the right visa.

I'm seeking a candidate with a good ability to manage and hire people, plus of course good grounding in the internet and telephone industries. A rolodex and experience in certain telecom industries, in particular those relating call centers and CTI (which are our first, but not final target market because 50% of long distance minutes in the USA involve call centers) would be a big plus. But a quick ability to adapt is even more important.

As a partner you'll earn a chunk of equity that, if we pull it off, should make you very wealthy. And you'll get to change the world. I've often felt that no technology has changed the world more than the telephone, and a chance to change it is unlike almost any other opportunity.

Naturally there's a lot more to say that I don't say on a public web page like this. Contact me at btm@templetons.comif you are interested. (Note that this address will immediately respond with a simple spam challenge because as a public address it is filtered.)