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Caller App Job opportunities

Caller App Job opportunities

Get in at the very beginning. I'm Brad Templeton, founder of ClariNet, the first internet publishing company and world's first ".com" business. I also created rec.humor.funny, the most widely read newsgroup, founded Looking Glass Software, wrote the compressor in StuffIt, was the 1st employee of Visicorp (publishers of VisiCalc) at the dawn of the PC revolution and have developed over a dozen packaged software products. I'm also former chairman of the board of the EFF.

Now I'm starting my next project -- currently named Caller App -- and it's nothing less than the reinvention of the telephone call itself. No, it's not yet another IP telephony project, but rather the level above that -- a new user interface for the telephone based on the marriage of Presence, Telephony and some other things. I believe it has the potential to be immense if it succeeds. (Of course, everybody says that about their plan -- in the end, you will be the judge.)

I'm seeking to build a small group of programmers to make version 1.0 of the system. I seek 2-3 top-flight coders with skills in the following areas.

  1. Server side -- Linux/Unix and Java. SIP, Databases, E-mail, Web tools and Instant messaging.
  2. Client side -- Javascript and Ajax including Comet. Also mobile phone platforms -- WM, Symbian, Blackberry.
  3. Windows -- maintenance of windows client, integration into Outlook pluging.

Other Hiring Plans

I'm also looking for a CEO, because it is my plan long-term to be Chairman/CTO/architect/evangelist/strategist rather than CEO. I've been a CEO for 15 years, so I'm well experienced with it, but want another role.

Later, after version 1 is ready, Marketing, Sales, Bizdev and more systems and development people will be needed.

Have at least a few years of general experience under your belt and a project or two from your past you can point to with pride. Only apply if you live near Toronto or Silicon Valley and can work as a permanent employee.

This is extreme-early startup. No health plan. Possibly even work at home for the first couple of months. Eventual location goal in the City or Mid Peninsula. Once you hear the business plan, I think you'll agree the founder's options will be more than enough to keep you interested.

You'll know because after you learn about the plan, if you're a typical business worker not a day will go by -- for some people not an hour -- when you won't wish dearly that the product existed. It can save some industries billions of dollars, and can save others billions of hours. Yes, it's that big.

Unfortunately, for now, with the funding climate being what it is, I'm not adding paid employees. You can send a resume to be kept around until I am doing that. Or if you are a very talented person able to work for founder's stock in something big, get in touch.

Send your plaintext ASCII resume to The URL of a resume on the web is acceptable if you are non-technical and can't make an ASCII resume. If you can't do either of those, this job is probably not for you. MS Word and PDF resumes will be discarded.