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Conference Speaker

Conference Speaker

I do speak at a variety of conferences on many topics, mostly related to EFF issues, but also futurism.

My most popular topic today is the future of self-driving cars. Forbes Magazine called my session on that at the New York 2009 Singularity Summit the crowd favorite. Even on serious topics, my talks are always funny.

Some of the topics you might want me for include:

  • Free Speech, PATRIOT Act
  • Privacy, Surveillance, and threats from the future
  • The NSA and the Snowden disclosures
  • The coming of robot cars and their impact on society
  • The dark side of Web 2.0/cloud computing, social networks, data portability and single sign-on.
  • Singularity topics: Nanotechnology, AI, Patternism (copyable people and AIs)
  • Spam
  • Internet governance, domain names
  • How to organize operating systems
  • Instant Messaging, Presence and Voice over IP
  • CALEA, Universal Service Fund, e911 and Network Neutrality
  • How AT&T let the NSA wiretap all your data and what we're doing to stop it
  • Bitcoins and the futue of money
  • "They're coming for your computer" -- a general talk on digital freedom issues
  • Electronic publishing, e-books and science fiction publishing
  • Copyright and the creative economy -- how people can make money from creative work in the post-scarcity world.
  • The automation of good and evil
  • History of the internet, USENET and dot-coms

I'm asked to speak on these topics in part because of my because of my history with comedy. I usually get the audience laughing unless it's one of the scary talks. Sometimes even then.

What it takes to get me to come speak depends on a number of factors. Speaking fees can relate to how strongly I wish to visit a place for tourism or other personal activities.

Areas of travel interest include much of Europe (including London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Nice, Amsterdam, Oslo, and Zurich,) India, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and anywhere beautiful and fascinating.

Send me an E-mail to tell me what you're looking for.